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Grandparents Rights

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Opening the Lid on Grandparents Rights

At McKeown and Company Solicitors, we are frequently asked by grandparents – what rights have I to see my grandchildren?

Answer:  As a grandparent you do not have an automatic right to see your grandchildren (like a mother/father would have) but it is possible for you to ask permission from our Court to bring an application for a Contact Order  which gives you the right to see your grandchildren by setting out the days and times for contact.   To get permission from the Court you have to confirm the following:

  1. You are the grandparent of the grandchildren and you have been involved in your grandchildren’s lives on a regular basis
  2. The type of contact you are looking –  in person, by letter or by telephone and how often
  3. Your request for contact would not harm or potentially harm the grandchildren’s well-being in any way

If you are successful in getting permission from the Court to bring your contact application then our Courts will look at whether the contact you want is in the best interests of the grandchildren.  When looking at what is in the best interests of the grandchildren our Courts look at the ages of the grandchildren, their wishes and feelings (if old enough), the parents views on your request as well as how your contact would impact on the grandchildren.

At McKeown and Company Solicitors we are seeing more and more grandparents now obtaining these Orders and the permission stage is not as daunting or as difficult as you may think provided you get the right legal advice at an early stage.  If you are facing difficulties seeing your grandchildren please email us at for further advice.


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